Dov Waxman

Northeastern University


Dov Waxman is professor of Political Science, International Affairs and Israel Studies at Northeastern University and the co-director of its Middle East Center. Previously he was an associate professor of political science at Baruch College and The Graduate Center at the City University of New York.

Featured Work

Campaign tent at a Jerusalam voting station, March 17, 2015. Text: "It's us or them. Just Likud. Just Netanyahu." <br>CREDIT: Gali Estrange via <a href="">Shutterstock</a>

MAR 27, 2015 Article

It's the Fears not the Fear Mongering that We Should Focus On

"Instead of focusing on Netanyahu's fear mongering, let's focus on trying to assuage Israeli fears. Only then will Israelis vote for someone who really supports ...

FEB 13, 2014 Podcast

Differing Perspectives on Iran and the Middle East Peace Process: Is there a Crisis in U.S.-Israel Relations?

Do the public disagreements between the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government over Iran's nuclear program and the current peace talks with the Palestinians signal ...

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DEC 17, 2012 Article

Israel and Hamas: Time to Talk?

Hamas is unlikely to ever become a partner for peace with Israel, but it can be a partner for coexistence, albeit a limited and uneasy ...

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OCT 18, 2011 Article

Freeing Gilad: An Ethical Conundrum

The relief that so many feel at Gilad Shalit's release must be tempered by an acknowledgement that the deal Israel made with Hamas to secure ...

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MAY 27, 2011 Podcast

Rise of the Rest IV: Critical Regions in Crisis

Optimistic and bleak by turns, a panel of experts analyzes the dilemmas facing the rising and existing powers--from protests across the Middle East, to the ...

Barack Obama. Credit:  <a href="" target=_blank">Barak Obama's Photostream </a>

MAY 21, 2011 Article

President Obama's Middle East Speech: Actions Speak Louder than Words

Ultimately, it will be Obama's actions, not his words, that will determine whether the U.S. will be seen as truly supporting the Arab Spring, ...