Privatization Project (1991–1994)


From 1991–1994 the Carnegie Council initiated a major project to examine the global phenomenon of privatization. Council members and corporate leaders from the United States, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Eastern Europe, and South America participated in this enterprise.

MAY 4, 1994 Article

Privatization Project (1991–1994): Privatization and Investment Opportunities in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has enormous resources and a literate population, but this large country is heir to exploitative methods of economic development that have ravaged the environment.

MAR 2, 1994 Article

Privatization Project (1991–1994): Improving Municipal Services through Empowerment

"There is no more clear experience of what happens when you allow government to establish a monopoly than that of driving a Trabant versus driving ...

FEB 11, 1994 Article

Privatization Project (1991–1994): The Politics of Privatization in Argentina

The process of privatization provides the tool most needed to keep both the economy and politics working: it provides confidence and trust from the people--and ...

JAN 26, 1994 Article

Privatization Project (1991–1994): Facing Up: What We Need to Do to Get Our Economic Act Together

If we in the United States are to get our long-term economic act together, we must address three imperatives: economic, moral, and political.

JAN 19, 1994 Article

Privatization Project (1991–1994): Privatization: It Can and Does Work

With privatization, employees no longer think about how they might just "get through the week," but rather that they had "better shape up" or "wind ...

NOV 29, 1993 Article

Privatization Project (1991–1994): The Various Roads to a Private Economy

"Entrepreneurs respond whenever you lift restrictions. One can say that the private market economy is a natural state of society."

OCT 22, 1993 Article

Privatization Project (1991–1994): Reinventing Government: Public Employees' Perspectives

"We must rebuild the social compact, the belief that government can and should serve all the people of this nation."

SEP 20, 1993 Article

Privatization Project (1991–1994): Making New York Work Through Privatization and Competition

The Privatization Task Force proposes "competition with winners selected purely on the basis of quality and price, regardless of private or public sector status."

MAY 7, 1993 Article

Privatization Project (1991–1994): Why America Needs Privatized Infrastructure Industry

"We need to create a new industry of firms that finance, design, build, own, and operate major infrastructure . . . a new paradigm for infrastructure in this ...

MAR 9, 1993 Article

Privatization Project (1991–1994): Privatization: The Canadian Story

Crown corporations were created not out of ideological fervor, but pragmatically, to serve social, cultural, and economic priorities the private sector could not be expected ...