C2GTalk: How can young people take part in solar radiation modification governance? with Clara Botto

Oct 9, 2023 33 min listen

Young people need to learn more about solar radiation modification, and provide their inputs to governments, think tanks, and policymakers, says Brazilian climate activist Clara Botto, in this C2GTalk. “We need to have global conversations to address something that might have global impacts,” she adds. That is why she and her colleagues have launched SRM Youth Watch, a global platform aimed at informing and bringing new communities into the debate.

Clara Botto has been engaged with sustainable development at a grassroots and international level, from arts to politics, for the past eight years. She is currently one of C2G’s Youth Climate Voices.

For more, please go to C2G's website.

During this interview at 17:22, Botto acknowledges that she says “micro hollow sphere glasses” instead of the correct term "hollow glass microspheres."

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