C2GTalk: How should policymakers address the risk of climate tipping points? with Jo Tyndall

Mar 27, 2023 41 min listen

Climate tipping points are points of no return, beyond which the Earth's systems would reorganize beyond the capacity of socioeconomic and ecological systems to adapt, warns the OECD's Jo Tyndall, in a new C2GTalk. Policymakers need to do more to address these risks now, including through support for carbon dioxide removal technologies, accounting for both opportunities and challenges. While solar radiation modification is not currently feasible, more research is needed.

Jo Tyndall is director of the Environment Directorate at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) where she oversees the implementation of the Directorate’s program of work, covering a broad range of environmental issues, including: green growth, climate change, biodiversity, quality of ecosystems, eco-innovation, circular economy, and resource productivity.

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