C2GTalk: How can young people in the Global South engage in the governance of solar radiation modification? with Nii Noi Omaboe

Aug 28, 2023 34 min listen

It is essential for young people in the Global South to become more involved in international climate discussions, including around solar radiation modification, says Ghanaian climate activist Nii Noi Omaboe. His decision to screen a documentary about SRM at Accra sustainability week prompted many questions, both about the risks and insufficient governance, but also about opportunities for research.

Omaboe is experienced in youth governance, human rights, and global sustainable development processes. He has organized and worked for nonprofit and international organizations like Amnesty International, Red Cross, and 350 Ghana. In 2019, Omaboe co-founded Sustainability Week Accra, the first local Sustainability Week in Africa, and he currently provides strategic support to Green Africa Youth Organisation’s Ghana team as well as supporting establishment of Youth Climate Councils in the Global South. He is also a program analyst at Impact Hub Accra.

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