Carnegie Council Centennial 1914-2014


To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Carnegie Council undertook an ambitious three-year project called Ethics for a Connected World.

Devin Stewart (on left) and Michael Ignatieff (center) with student leaders and activists at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

APR 21, 2016 Article

In Search of a Global Ethic

Research in 25 cities in eight countries on five continents shows that norms across cultures may not be so different after all.

NOV 20, 2014 Podcast

Michael Ignatieff in Conversation with Paul Holdengräber at the NYPL

Carnegie Council Centennial Chairman Michael Ignatieff, a Canadian writer, teacher, and former politician, discusses his life, his work, and the Council's Centennial project, Ethics for ...

CREDIT: Gusta Johnson

NOV 7, 2014 Podcast

Global Ethics and the Point of View of the Universe

Sidgwick's concept of looking at issues from "the point of view of the universe"--in other words, giving equal weight to everyone's interests, irrespective of ...

Detail from Ottoman Road to War book cover

OCT 15, 2014 Article

The Ottoman Road to War: Mustafa Aksakal on the Ottomans' Fateful Decision

Why did the Ottoman Empire side with Germany in World War I? It was a rational decision, given the circumstances at the time, argues Aksakal. ...

SEP 25, 2014 Article

Ethics Fellows for the Future 2014 Essay Collection

This booklet is a collection of the Ethics Fellows for the Future (EFF) essays and project outlines as well as the winning essay of Carnegie ...

SEP 22, 2014 Podcast

Podcast with Joel Rosenthal and Devin Stewart for Global Ethics Day

What is Global Ethics Day? "Our dream is that this becomes a global educational effort and that people come to learn from each other from ...

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SEP 4, 2014 Article

Mary Dudziak on Civil Liberties During WWI and Beyond

"Just as the nation is perpetually focused on security, we must also be perpetually focused on maintaining constitutional liberty."

SEP 3, 2014 Podcast

World War to a Global Ethic

"We come here—100 years to the day from the calamitous events of the summer of 1914—to remember, to take stock, and to recommit to the ...

SEP 3, 2014 Podcast

Was World War I Inevitable?

We're still trying to understand what World War I meant. It is a very complex event, one that has echoes into the present, and we've ...

George Rupp in Sarajevo. CREDIT: Irfan Redzovic

SEP 3, 2014 Podcast

Religion in War and Reconciliation

"There is a long way to go before religious communities become more of a resource for reducing rather than a source for increasing antagonism. But ...