Carnegie Council Centennial 1914-2014


To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Carnegie Council undertook an ambitious three-year project called Ethics for a Connected World.

JUN 27, 2013 Transcript

The Ethics of Globalization and the Globalization of Ethics

In this rousing and eloquent speech in Rio, given during the biggest protests there in 25 years, Michael Ignatieff salutes the protesters' "patriotic anger" and discusses ...

Rio Protesters. CREDIT: Devin Stewart

JUN 25, 2013 Article

Global Ethical Dialogues: Lessons from Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina

Most societies agree on certain global norms. For example, in most countries, corruption is considered unethical. But what happens when global norms are applied locally? ...

Left: Devin Stewart and Michael Ignatieff, University of Buenos Aires, June 2013

JUN 12, 2013 Article

Global Ethical Dialogues: Concept Paper

How can Carnegie Council, an organization with a global mandate but based in New York, contribute to generating egalitarian dialogue within and between unequal societies? ...

NOV 29, 2012 Podcast

Human Rights Watch: Promoting Ethical Behavior When It's Contested

It's the job of Human Rights Watch to shine a spotlight on human rights abuses worldwide, including in the U.S., says its executive director ...

NOV 15, 2012 Transcript

Summary of Second Annual Global Ethics Fellows Conference in New York

This international conference included three panels: Cultural and Universal Norms; Political Will and Responsibilities; and Managing Systemic Risk and Systemic Crisis.

JUN 26, 2012 Podcast

Global Rules, Local Rulers

Carnegie UK Trust staff open up a fascinating discussion with the Carnegie Council audience on their research into the relationship between advocacy groups, citizens, and ...

NOV 21, 2011 Podcast

Re-Imagining a Global Ethic

"A global ethic makes it possible for us to agree to disagree about ultimate questions, provided we have the philosophical clarity that comes from that ...