Susie Han

Research Fellow, Model International Mobility Convention (MIMC); Columbia SIPA

Susie Han is an MIA candidate at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) focusing on humanitarian policy, international conflict resolution, and technology, media, and communication. She is the current research fellow supporting Professor Michael Doyle with Carnegie Council's Model International Mobility Convention (MIMC) providing assistance with research and stakeholder engagement in anticipation for its upcoming revision. Han's particular area of inquiry is the direct and indirect impact of climate-induced disasters on global governance structures vis-a-vis human mobility and forced displacement.

Han came to SIPA after seven years in the workforce, four of which were focused on working with migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in Central America and the U.S.- Mexico border doing one-on-one client orientation, program design, and later policy- and advocacy-related work with UNHCR.

Featured Work

Darién National Park in Panama. CREDIT: Harvey Barrison. (CC)

MAY 28, 2024 Article

Addressing the Human Tragedy in the Darién Gap: A Call for Innovative Solutions

With hundreds of thousands of migrants making the dangerous trek through the Darién Gap each year, MIMC could offer new solutions, writes Susie Han.

MAY 3, 2024 Article

MIMC at the Conference on International Migration

The Model International Mobility Convention attended the Conference on International Migration at St. Francis College, sharing a global perspective on current trends in human mobility.