Recommended "Artificial Intelligence & Equality" Podcasts for Global Ethics Day 2022

Oct 17, 2022

Carnegie Council's Artificial Intelligence & Equality Initiative (AIEI) is an innovative impact-oriented community of practice seeking to understand the innumerable ways in which AI impacts equality for better or worse. Senior Fellows Anja Kaspersen and Wendell Wallach and the AIEI Board of Advisors work to empower ethics in AI so that it is deployed in a just, responsible, and inclusive manner.

These podcasts below cover many of the issues that AIEI has been focused on over the past year. On this Global Ethics Day, we encourage you to listen and reflect on the many ways that emerging technology is affecting ethics and society.

Why Democracy vs. Autocracy Misses the Point, with Jean-Marie Guéhenno
The advent of the age of data is a formidable accelerator of history. As society faces a crisis of politics compounded by the emergence of powerful virtual communities competing with territorial communities, are we on the cusp of an earthquake in the history of humanity? In this AIEI podcast, Kapsersen is joined by Professor Jean-Marie Guéhenno for a thought-provoking conversation about his new book The First XXI Century: From Globalization to Fragmentation.

Is AI Upending Geopolitics? with Angela Kane
In this AIEI podcast, Wallach is joined by Angela Kane, a chair of the United Nations University Governing Council, to discuss how AI is likely to upend geopolitics. Kane, a former UN under-secretary-general, also shares some of her concerns about the role of the UN and the many ways AI could undermine international peace and security. Without proper guardrails, the development and deployment of AI systems could accelerate the pace of armed conflict and risk loosening control over the means of war.

Ethics, Digital Technologies, & AI: Southeast Asian Perspectives, with Elina Noor
In this Artificial Intelligence & Equality podcast, Senior Fellow Anja Kaspersen is joined by Asia Society Policy Institute's Elina Noor for a talk on how we frame discussions on AI ethics and governance matters. They also speak about the importance of the social justice aspect of technology and the digital landscape in Southeast Asia.

Making Decisions When Values Conflict or Are Prioritized Differently, with Paul Root Wolpe
In this AIEI podcast, Wallach sits down with Emory University's Professor Paul Root Wolpe for a thought-provoking conversation about the truth of ethical decision-making, the challenge of regulating new technologies whose impact is uncertain, the intrinsically fragmenting nature of social media and AI, and the dilemmas of neuroscience and neuromarketing.

For much more on AIEI, including the full archive of podcasts, essays, and op-eds, please click here.

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