Framing ethical perspectives

Business and commerce are at the heart of Western capitalist societies, and they play an ever-increasing role in quasi-capitalist societies, like China. Businesses – especially the tech giants – are becoming increasingly powerful as technologies proliferate and leaders acquire once-unimaginable levels of wealth and influence. Carnegie Council’s programs, events, and experts analyze these developments through an ethical lens and strive to create and highlight communities and programs with the capabilities to hold businesses and their leaders accountable for their actions.

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Global commerce, ethical investing, and more

NOV 15, 2023 Podcast

Beijing Rules: How China Weaponized Its Economy to Confront the World, with Bethany Allen

MAR 24, 2022 Podcast

The Doorstep: How Cryptocurrencies & NFTs May Change the Global World Order, with David Yermack

From Super Bowl cryptocurrency advertising to Save the Children accepting bitcoin donations, the crypto conversation is now mainstream. Over $100 million so far has been raised ...

MAY 6, 2022 Podcast

For Companies, Could China Be the Next Russia? with Perth Tolle

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the global financial backlash was swift and unprecedented: Dozens of financial institutions cut off their exposure to the Russian market ...