This page is where we are posting some of our favorite student responses to ethical questions posed in our videos. To find out more information on how you can participate, please contact [email protected].

Stoking the Flames of Competitiveness on an Overheating Planet
Michael Aprea, Fordham University

Ethics, Undocumented Immigrants, and the Issue of Integration: Making a Better Life for Everyone in New York City
Yohan Garcia, Fordham University

Process or End Goal: When to Begin Genocide Prevention
Megan Gray, Fordham University

The Ethics of Climate Change Activism: Fear vs. Reality
Chelsea Zantay, Fordham University

Deterrence or Disarmament?: The Ethics of Nuclear Warfare
Kayla Giampaolo, Fordham University

Can Wars ever be Just or are Wars Merely Justifiable?: The Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Louise Boshab, Fordham University

The Need for Ethical Grounding in Social Activism: A Banker's Perspective of the Occupy Movement

Philippa Girling, Fordham University

Ethics in Online Activism: False Senses of Social Action or Effective Source of Change?
Rimah Jabar, Fordham University