These short 2-6 minute videos from academic experts and prominent leaders feature discussions on politics, economics, the environment, and philosophy.

These primary and secondary sources make great complements to lectures and readings. They challenge the student to think deeper on the topic and explore different positions. It will work well in a college-bound high school or university classroom as well as in the flipped classroom.

Do you need a transcript to go along with the video? If they are not already posted on the page, links for most transcripts are available in the content box on YouTube, right below the video.

20th Century American History

20th Century Global History
Ethics and War
Peacemaking and Social Justice
Genocide and Intervention
Environment and Climate Change
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20th Century American History
Joseph Nye: Franklin Roosevelt and World War II
Do We Still See Dust Bowls Today?
Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster: U.S. Policy Mistakes in the Vietnam War
Demystifying Cold War Myths
What was the Powell Doctrine?
Dennis Ross: Israel and the "Transformative" Reagan Administration

20th Century Global History
World War I and II:
How Does World War I Relate to Boko Haram?
Was World War I Necessary? (more advanced students)
Lawrence of Arabia & the 1916 Arab Revolt
What Distinguished WWI from WWII?
Did Nuclear Weapons Cause Japan to Surrender?
Japanese and German Postwar Reconciliation

Cold War:
Are Nuclear Weapons Useful?
When Did The Soviet Union Disintegrate?
Demystifying Cold War Myths

How Did Japan Inspire Asia?
How Can We Characterize US-Iran History?
Are We In A New World of War Crimes? (International Criminal Courts)
Roméo Dallaire: Dealing With Guilt After Rwanda
Similarities and Differences of Atrocities in Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda

Ethics and War:
Ethical Questions about Rights
Ethics of War & Conflict
Can We Apply Laws of War to Technology?
Andrew Bacevich: On Evil
Are Drones and Civilian Contractors Ethical to Employ During War?
Jeh Johnson: Using Drones Against U.S. Citizens
The Iliad's Lessons of War
Are Nuclear Weapons Useful?
Francis Fukuyama: Are We Becoming More Peaceful?
Ethics of Pacifism: When is the Amoral Choice Not Using Force?
Michael Weiss: The Morality of the American Fight Against ISIS
José Manuel Barroso: The Challenges of the Refugee Crisis and Xenophobia

Peacemaking and Social Justice:
Leadership and Nonviolent Movements
Foreign Intervention & Exporting Revolutions
Civil Resistance and Use of Force
What are Strengths and Weaknesses of Online Activism?
Jasmine Nahhas di Florio: Employment Gaps in the Arab World

Genocide and Intervention:
When Should Genocide Prevention Begin?
Roméo Dallaire: Dealing With Guilt After Rwanda
How Does State Sovereignty Complicate Responses to Genocide? (for more advanced students)
What Were Similarities and Differences in the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda?
What is the UN Responsibility to Protect?
Sarah Costa: The Effects of the EU-Turkey Agreement on Refugees

Environment and Climate Change:
Gernot Wagner: Recycling Isn't Enough
Climate Protectionism and Competitiveness
Iceland's President Grimsson: Climate Change and Security
President Grimsson: Wind Power, Clean Energy
Bill McKibben: Global Ethics Forum: Ethics Matter
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse: The State of Climate Change Legislation in the Senate