This short, two-minute multimedia educational series examines political, economic, environmental, and philosophical issues from an ethical perspective. It presents students with information about American and global social studies phenomena and then challenges them to respond thoughtfully.

This series is perfect for high school "Do Now" hook exercises and accompanying "share out" discussions, argumentative writing, and debates. Transcripts are available for students to annotate or for classrooms without multimedia systems.

Selected Topics:

Ethical Consumer Choices
Ethics and War
Genocide and International Intervention
Justice (domestic and international)
Political Philosophy
National Security
U.S. Government
World History
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When Your Island Sinks
Nuclear Power's Future
Who Should Control Egypt's Water?
Has Water Become a Right?

Ethical Consumer Choices:
Slow Versus Fast Food

Smartphones: From Popular Product to Ethical Dilemma
Is Local Food More Ethical?

Ethics and War:
Paying Others to Fight Our Battles

When Are Drones Strikes Ethical?
A Warrior Ethic: Can Military Ethics be Taught?

Can Moral Injury Be a Wound of War?

Genocide and International Intervention:
Genocide Denial in Rwanda: Dealing with the Past or Subverting Democracy?
Libya and the Responsibility to Protect
Am I My Brothers' Keeper?
Self-determination and Ethnic Cleansing

Do Super-Maximum Security Prisons Constitute Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

Justice For Some, But Not For All?

The ICC Turns 10: Is International Justice Both Just and Effective?
"To Kill a Mockingbird" and Justice

For Torture, Who Should We Prosecute?

Are We Born Good?

Can You Ever Earn Too Much?

How Do We Know When We've Been Bad?

Who Does Everest Belong To?

Political Philosophy:
Patriotism: Unquestioned Commitment or Dangerous Justification?
Is Censorship Ever Justified?

Secrecy in Foreign Policy

Military Intervention and Democracy?
International Humanitarian Law and Non-State Actors

National Security:
Do Stricter Gun Controls Reduce Gun-Related Violence?
Are Secret Recordings Ethical?

Who Cares What You Wear on Your Head?
Unpaid Internships: Is Free Labor Fair Labor?

Global Migration: Open the Doors or Build the Walls?
Anti-Gay Legislation: What Can Be Done?

U.S. Government:
Are Party Conventions Necessary?

In America, Does Pluralist Democracy Still Work?

Democracy and Waging War

America on a Global Ethics Thermometer: Image and Reality

World History:
What Will Be Hugo Chávez’s Legacy?

South Africa: The Impossible Dream?