Carnegie Council has pulled excerpts from some of our most relevant primary sources and recent lectures for use in the social studies classroom. Each excerpt is in .doc form for easy teacher modifications. We have also provided the full transcript for each document for better context of the authors' arguments.

Comparative Government and World History

U.S. History and Government

How Democratic is Russia?
How did Russia's Oligarchs Rise to Power?
How Free is the Press in Russia?

How Do We Know China? Let Us Count the Ways
Refugee Accounts of the Great Chinese Famine
What are the Biggest Threats to China's Security?


Vigiliantism in Nigeria
Working within Nigeria's Sharia Courts
Nigeria and the Horror of Boko Haram


Discrimination in Iran

Mexico, Civil Society, and Women's Rights

United Kingdom:
Debating Tony Blair's Legacy (2007)

Middle East:
Illiberal Democracy and the Middle East

US History and Government

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Civil Rights:
MLK on the 1967 Race Riots
African American Identity and Double Consciousness

Andrew Carnegie:
Andrew Carnegie short biography
Andrew Carnegie's Vision of World Peace (political cartoon)

Civil Liberties:
The Legacy of Civil Liberty Legislation during WWI