Activities, Discussion Questions, and Suggested Readings

We offer a growing list of lesson plan ideas and resources for high school and college students learning about business ethics.

Introduction to Business Ethics
Beyond obedience to the law, what responsibility do corporations have to act ethically or in the social interest? This lesson introduces students to the concept of business ethics through the film "The Corporation." It includes discussion questions as well as suggested readings and additional resources.

What is the Role of the Corporation in Society?
What is the best way to promote sustainable business practices and solve global problems? This lesson plan outlines an activity for students to create a business with a social goal. It also includes suggested reading and multimedia to learn more about best social business practices.

Ethics and Supply Chains
How can multinational corporations effectively manage supply chains and promote sustainable practices throughout their operations? This lesson plan has a research activity for students, discussion questions, and accompanying resources.

Shell in Nigeria: Corporate Responsibility and the Ogoni Crisis (Case Studies Series)
Using the response of Shell to the attacks on its record in Nigeria, this study examines the way in which one transnational corporation has reacted to demands that it accept responsibilities beyond maximizing profit.