Celebrate the Tenth Annual Global Ethics Day with Carnegie Council on October 18!

Mar 23, 2023

Join us in using the power of ethics to build a better world

NEW YORK – Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is thrilled to announce that Global Ethics Day 2023 will take place on October 18, with the theme of “Ethics Empowered.”

Over the last ten years, thousands of schools, businesses, institutions, nonprofits, and individuals from over 100 countries have participated in this annual moment to empower ethics. To start planning your activities for 2023, please visit the Global Ethics Day website for ideas on how to participate and to access free materials such as a social media toolkit and key messages.

In the run-up to and on October 18, we encourage you to share your plans and activations on social media using #GlobalEthicsDay and #EthicsEmpowered. You can also get in touch with Carnegie Council directly to let us know about your plans for 2023. Select participants will be featured on the Council site and social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook). You can also view the 2023 Global Ethics Day announcement video here.

"Global Ethics Day connects individuals and organizations to the idea that ethics is a powerful tool for imagining a better future,” said Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal. “Now in its tenth year, the day of ethical action has grown exponentially in its reach and impact, providing an opportunity to more people than ever to contribute to a worldwide dialogue on the values and principles we care about in 2023.

“I am still buoyed by the life-affirming and forward-looking message delivered by comedy writer Michael Schur during last year's Global Ethics Day celebrations. As Michael put it, when it comes to ethics, ‘effort matters most.’ In 2023, let's build on Michael's message as a means to respond to shared global challenges, from recent dire reports on climate change to fears of military escalation and unstable markets. Together, we can use ethics as a tool to address the sources fueling our anxieties about the state of the world and our roles within it."

"Global Ethics Day connects individuals and organizations to the idea that ethics is a powerful tool for imagining a better future."
Joel Rosenthal, president of Carnegie Council

In 2022, a record number of organizations and institutions participated in Global Ethics Day, with highlights such as:

  • The European Central Bank (ECB) designed an Ethics Awareness Week for its staff, featuring a number of resources including an interview with its chief compliance officer, a Global Ethics Day feature video, and their own interactive chatbot to engage with staff on ethical questions.
  • Baze University Law Clinic in Nigeria posed a series of questions to students and staff such as “What does ethics means to them?” and shared a video on social media showcasing the responses.
  • Commercial real estate company Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) activated its network of country offices to empower ethics. Offices held “ethics morning” talks where teams discussed ethical dilemmas, shared Global Ethics Day messages, and reviewed the company’s Code of Ethics.
  • University of Tirana in Albania organized multiple Global Ethics Day activations for students such as a youth competition, scientific symposium, and academic workshop examining how to apply ethics in both academic and personal life.
  • Charted Accountants ANZ (Australia & New Zealand) provided ethics resources for its members. The organization held a special virtual event showcasing how ethics can be put into action within the accounting profession and also offered additional resources such as professional ethics courses and a series of articles titled the "Practical Ethics Advice."

Please join us on October 18, 2023 to empower ethics as a force for good.

About Carnegie Council

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is an independent, research-driven nonprofit that works to empower ethics by identifying and addressing the most critical ethical issues of today and tomorrow. Founded by Andrew Carnegie over a century ago, we set the global ethical agenda and work for an ethical future by convening conversations, producing materials in a range of media, and sharing resources for education, impact, and awareness. We are the world’s catalyst for ethical action. Carnegie Council is a non-profit 501(c) (3) institution.

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Noha Mahmoud
Communications Associate
[email protected]

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