Get Involved

Ways to Participate

Your own Global Ethics Day activities can include organizing debates and panel discussions, sharing videos, publishing articles, conducting interviews, launching #GlobalEthicsDay social media campaigns, and even environmental clean-ups, canvassing, film festivals, and time capsules; there are countless ways to participate.

Ideas for Global Ethics Day 2022 might include:

  • Simply sharing what ethics means to you on social media using #GlobalEthicsDay and #EthicsEmpowered;
  • A financial services firm hosting a public panel on the future of ESG;
  • An art class visualizing ethical action and sharing on social media;
  • A fashion brand creating a video on the ethical and environmental challenges at the heart of the industry; or
  • A group of computer science students going live on Instagram to discuss the ethical questions surrounding artificial intelligence.

As you plan your Global Ethics Day activations, you can start by thinking about these questions:

  • What does ethics mean to you?
  • How can I take ethical action in my daily life?
  • Is there such a thing as a global ethic?
  • What ethical questions do I grapple with in my career?
  • How do you define ethical leadership?

Join us on Global Ethics Day, so that together we can raise awareness and work toward addressing the most critical issues facing society such as climate change, the global refugee crisis, attacks on democracy, racism, and technologies worsening inequality.

Don’t forget to tag Carnegie Council on social media and use #GlobalEthicsDay and/or #EthicsEmpowered.

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