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John Tessitore

Executive Editor, Carnegie Council

John Tessitore

John Tessitore is Executive Editor of the Carnegie Council. He is responsible for overseeing all print and electronic communications, including the Council's journal, Ethics & International Affairs.

Mr. Tessitore has written and published extensively on topics ranging from Joseph Conrad, to U.N. peacekeeping, to the role of the media.  He continues to write and to provide editing and communications services to a variety of clients, including the U.N. Office of Peacekeeping and the United Nations Development Programme.

John Tessitore began his career in academia, teaching English Literature at the State University of New York, Stony Brook. From 1980-1986 he was Communications Director and Editor-in-Chief at the Carnegie Council, serving as editor of WORLDVIEW, the Council's award-winning monthly magazine on U.S. foreign policy and international affairs.

Subsequently he became Executive Director of Communications for the United Nations Association-USA, where he worked for some 17 years, serving as editor of the Association's quarterly publication, The InterDependent, and working extensively with the national and international media, U.S. Mission to the U.N., and senior U.N. staff.

In 1995 he was Executive Producer of the documentary film, In Search of Peace: 50 Years of the U.S. in the UN, narrated by Paul Newman and shown on more than 600 Turner network stations nationwide.



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Last Updated: Feb 25, 2009

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