Global Ethics Weekly: A Firsthand Account of Electrification in Myanmar, with Christina Madden

June 6, 2019

Christina Madden, now a director at Criterion Institute, discusses her work on Myanmar's massive electrification project in 2013-2014. With less than one-third of the population connected to the grid after a decades-long military dictatorship, what were the complications in getting millions in Myanmar connected? What were the political and cross-border issues, specifically when it came to cooperating with China?

This podcast referenced a 2015 article that Madden wrote for Foreign Affairs about electrification in Myanmar. She also spoke on Global Ethics Weekly in April about her work at Criterion Institute. 

For more on Myanmar, specifically the Rohingya conflict, Senior Fellow Devin Stewart has done podcasts with Derek Mitchell, former US ambassador to Myanmar; Muhammad Musa, executive director of the development NGO BRAC; Elliott Prasse-Freeman, a professor at the University of Singapore; and journalist Francis Wade

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