Led by our Centennial Chair Michael Ignatieff, Ethics for a Connected World addresses six core themes: Corruption and Trust; Environment and Growth; Citizenship and Difference; War and Reconciliation; Democracy and its Challengers; and Technology and Risk. For more detail on these themes, please see Dr. Ignatieff's article, Global Ethical Dialogues: Concept Paper

It features the following interconnected components:

  • Centennial Symposia: A series of high-profile international symposia in the cities that embody the tension between Andrew Carnegie's pursuit of peace and the reality of war throughout the 20th Century (Edinburgh, Sarajevo, and New York) will address competing aspects of Carnegie's legacy and their application for today's challenges.

  • Global Ethics Network: An international consortium of universities engaging students and educators in intercultural dialogue and ethics-based education. Activities include: mentorships and joint projects between students and Global Ethics Fellows; student competitions.

  • Global Ethical Dialogues: a series of study visits, workshops, and public events at the Fellows' institutions, and led by Centennial chair, Michael Ignatieff.

  • Thought Leaders Forum: In this series of interviews, we invite ethical visionaries and role models from a variety of professions, backgrounds, and countries to identify the world's greatest challenges and offer creative advice on how to respond to them.

  • The inaugural Global Ethics Day in October 2014, an annual teach-in to explore the role of ethics in international affairs.

Centennial Publications

Centennial Funding

Ethics for a Connected World is a multimillion-dollar project. It is funded by generous multi-year grants from the Uehiro Foundation of Japan, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and the Henry Luce Foundation, as well as a one-time grant by the Richard Lounsbery Foundation.