Will Kymlicka

Queen's University, Canada


Will Kymlicka holds the Canada Research Chair in political philosophy at Queen's University, Canada. His research interests focus on issues of democracy and diversity, and in particular on models of citizenship and social justice within multicultural societies.

Featured Work

NOV 11, 2014 Podcast

A Conversation with Will Kymlicka on the Challenges of Multiculturalism

From Canada to Europe, how do different societies deal with immigrant groups? How have their policies evolved and where are they headed? What rights should ...

APR 22, 2005 Article

Human Rights Dialogue (1994–2005): Series 2 No. 12 (Spring 2005): Cultural Rights: Section 3: A European Experiment In Protecting Cultural Rights

Will Kymlicka argues that, as Europe continues to institutionalize its union, the cultural rights approach it has adopted falls short of comprehensively addressing the variable ...