Steven Costello

Analyst; Writer


Steven Costello is a Nairobi-based analyst and freelance writer who has worked in various developing countries.

Costello was a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania from 2006-2007. He holds an MSc in African Studies from St. Anne's College, Oxford University, and a BA in International Affairs from the New School for Social Research.

Featured Work

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NOV 28, 2012 Article

Losing the Violence Monopoly

The poisonous cocktail of widespread police and military brutality, increasingly lethal inter-communal ethnic violence in several regions, the anxious countdown to the March 2013 presidential elections, ...

Washed and Graded Iron Ore. CREDIT: <a href="" target=_blank">CDE Global</a>

MAY 31, 2012 Article

"Blood Ore" in Sierra Leone?

Considered one of the new frontiers in iron ore mining, Sierra Leone has gone from total state collapse in the mid-1990s to one of ...

Ex-child soldier in Uganda reads to his comrades. <br>CREDIT: <a href="" target=_blank">Robin Yamaguchi </a>

MAR 9, 2012 Article

Blind to Reality: Invisible Children and the LRA

The Kony 2012 documentary is over a decade too late, says Steven Costello. Promoting a "save the children" storyline (complete with a Joseph Kony awareness bracelet ...

<a href"" target=_blank">Flag of South Sudan</a>

JUL 7, 2011 Article

A Second 'Split' for South Sudan?

There is euphoria across southern Sudan in anticipation of independence on July 9, 2011. Yet in addition to friction with the north, increasingly violent internal conflicts mean ...

Refugee Camp, Ivory Coast. CREDIT: <a href="" target=_blank">Mike Fleshman</a>

APR 1, 2011 Article

April 2011 or April 1994? Seventeen Years Later, Libya is to Ivory Coast as Bosnia was to Rwanda

While all eyes are focused on Libya, we may be headed towards a bloodbath in Ivory Coast similar to that in Rwanda in April 1994. The ...