Simon Schama

Columbia University


Simon Schama is an English historian specialising in art history, Dutch history, Jewish history, and French history. He is a professor of History and Art History at Columbia University. Before coming to Columbia, he taught history at Cambridge from 1966-76, Oxford from 1976-1980, and art history and history at Harvard from 1980-1993.

Featured Work

APR 10, 2014 Podcast

The Story of the Jews: Finding the Words (1000 BCE–1492)

Never at a loss for words, the inimitable, erudite, and very funny Simon Schama free-associates his way through Jewish history: the Old Testament, Jewish dancing ...

Scribble, Scribble, Scribble

APR 20, 2011 Podcast

Scribble, Scribble, Scribble

Prepare to be challenged and entertained! The inimitable Simon Schama discusses American politics, past and present, and gives an impassioned defense of the importance of "...

The American Future: A History

JUN 1, 2009 Podcast

The American Future: A History

In a dazzling display of learning and verbal virtuosity, Simon Schama takes us from Arlington Cemetery to the contrasts between the Jeffersonian and Hamiltonian worldview; ...