Peter Singer

Princeton University; University of Melbourne


Peter Singer is Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics in the University Center for Human Values at Princeton University. He holds his appointment at the Center jointly with his appointment as Laureate Professor at the University of Melbourne, attached to the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies.

Featured Work

CREDIT: Gusta Johnson

NOV 7, 2014 Podcast

Global Ethics and the Point of View of the Universe

Sidgwick's concept of looking at issues from "the point of view of the universe"--in other words, giving equal weight to everyone's interests, irrespective of ...

OCT 13, 2011 Podcast

Ethics Matter: Conversation with Moral Philosopher Peter Singer

Utilitarian philosopher Peter Singer lives up to his beliefs, giving away 25-30 percent of his income to alleviate absolute poverty, and defending animal rights--or as ...

The Life You Can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty

MAR 23, 2009 Podcast

The Life You Can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty

It wouldn't take much to rescue those living in extreme poverty, says philosopher Peter Singer. If the top 90 percent of Americans gave at least 1 percent ...

Global Responsibilities, Andrew Kuper ed.

SEP 19, 2005 Podcast

Global Responsibilities: How Can Multinational Corporations Deliver on Human Rights?

Who has the responsibility to alleviate poverty and uphold human rights in a globalized world where corporations often wield more power than nation-states?

One World: The Ethics of Globalization

OCT 29, 2002 Transcript

One World: The Ethics of Globalization

If we agree with the notion of a global community, then we must extend our concepts of justice, fairness, and equity beyond national borders by ...