Paige Arthur

Former Deputy Editor of Ethics & International Affairs; International Center for Transitional Justice

Paige Arthur was an editor of Ethics & International Affairs for over five years, leaving in 2006. She is currently deputy director of research at the International Center for Transitional Justice.

A specialist in postwar European politics, philosophy, and history, Arthur is interested in the persistent effects of decolonization on the process of globalization, the ethics of political and revolutionary violence, and the recent history of human rights and humanitarian intervention.

Arthur received her Ph.D. in European intellectual history from the University of California, Berkeley, and her B.A. in international relations from Johns Hopkins. She has taught at both UC Berkeley and the New School University.

Featured Work

The Ethics of UN Reform

DEC 13, 2005 Transcript

"A Threat to One Is a Threat to All:" Nonstate Actors, Collective Security, and the Reform of the UN

In this roundtable discussion, eminent authorities discuss the ethics of collective security. What constitutes a "global threat" from a nonstate actor, and who gets to ...

Ending Tyranny in Iraq: A Debate

OCT 6, 2005 Transcript

Ending Tyranny in Iraq: A Debate

Was the war in Iraq a humanitarian intervention? Yes, argues Tesón. What’s important is that it rid the world of a dictator. No, ...

NOV 30, 2004 Transcript

Humanitarianism under Fire

How can humanitarian organizations and their workers maintain their traditional neutrality, impartiality, and independence—and should they?

Senator Bob Kerrey

MAY 13, 2002 Article

Senator Kerrey and the War That Still Haunts Us

The revelation that former senator Bob Kerrey murdered innocent women and children in Vietnam has exposed a sharp division in American public opinion over questions ...