Mark Payumo

North Valley Military Institute; Carnegie Council Pacific Delegate, 2018

Mark Payumo is co-founder of Strategic & Warfare Studies Group, an emerging research entity on Asia-Pacific security. He also teaches at North Valley Military Institute in California.

Payumo is a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy and he previously served as a Philippine Army Special Forces Officer who specialized in unconventional warfare and counterterrorism.

He received his Master of advanced studies degree in international affairs from the University of California under the full sponsorship of the G.I. Bill as a U.S. military veteran.

Featured Work

Mark Payumo in Manila last October with a Philippine National Police Officer, Pacific Fellow Tom Temprosa, & Devin Stewart. <br>CREDIT: Amanda Ghanooni.

JAN 10, 2019 Podcast

Securitizing Climate Change in the Philippines, with Mark Payumo

Now based in California, Mark Payumo previously served as a Philippine Army Special Forces officer. Reflecting on his recent Carnegie Council site visit to Manila ...