John G. Ruggie

Harvard University


John G. Ruggie is the Berthold Beitz Professor in Human Rights and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School, affiliated professor in International Legal Studies at Harvard Law School, and faculty chair of the Corporate Responsibility Initiative. He served as the UN Special Representative for Business and Human Rights from 2005-2011.

Featured Work

NOV 7, 2008 Podcast

Business and Human Rights: Achievements and Prospects

UN Special Representative John Ruggie presents his conceptual framework for business and human rights, and his plan to develop practical recommendations for all relevant stakeholders.

MAY 7, 2004 Article

The Impact of Corporations on Global Governance

In this report of the Empire and Democracy Project three leading corporate social responsibility (CSR) experts discuss the growing influence of corporate power on democratic ...

FEB 25, 2000 Article

Reconciling Economic Imperatives with Social Priorities: the Global Compact

Globalization has increasingly disconnected one single element—networks of production and finance—from an overall system of institutional relations. The resulting disequillibria in ...