Frank Spring

Former Associate of Carnegie Council


Frank Spring is a former associate of the Carnegie Council.

Featured Work

JUN 27, 2007 Article

ROUNDTABLE: Blair's Ethical Legacy

"To view Blair through Iraq alone is to ignore his extraordinary legacy in the areas of liberal interventionism, international development and climate change," says Roberts, ...

MAY 18, 2007 Article

U.S. Should Not Waver on U.K. Visa Policy

In the interests of security, should the U.S. end the visa waiver for British Muslims? The cost is far too high, says Frank Spring, ...

APR 2, 2007 Article

The United States Must Choose a Global Role to Fight Terrorism

Is isolationist unilateralism (the "Israelization" of America) an acceptable U.S. response to globalized terrorism? No, argues Spring, for both practical and ethical reasons.