Espen Berg

United Youth Development Organization (UYDO)

Espen Berg is the CEO and founder of United Youth Development Organization (UYDO) and has a vast amount of experience with youth and development. He founded UYDO to approach the lack of financial services and business support provided to young people in developing countries. He has held executive positions in the U8 Global Student Partnership for Development and sat on its advisory board for a number of years. He has also advised governments and international organizations on the role of youth and is frequently asked to speak on the topic.

Espen has a B.Sc. in international business from Bournemouth University and an M.Sc. in development management from the London School of Economics & Political Science.

Featured Work

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NOV 2, 2010 Article

Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016): Innovations: Peer-to-Peer Microfinance Empowers Young Entrepreneurs

United Youth Development Organization facilitates peer-to-peer microlending between young people to tap their energy and innovation for sustainable entrepreneurship and development.