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Dan Bobkoff is senior editor at Business Insider. He formerly was a contributor to Carnegie Council's Just Business podcast and to National Public Radio (NPR).

Bobkoff was also a Cleveland reporter for ""Changing Gears,"" a WBEZ/Michigan Radio/WCPN collaboration. He was previously a reporter and producer at 90.3 WCPN & WVIZ/PBS ideastream in Cleveland. Bobkoff was also also Pioneer Valley bureau chief at WAMC Northeast Public Radio in Northampton, Massachusetts and a freelance reporter at WSHU Public Radio in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Bobkoff has a BA in philosophy from Wesleyan University.

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DEC 17, 2012 Podcast

Japan's Corporate Culture: Sleepwalking to Oblivion?

Japan's corporate culture is in serious trouble, declare our two speakers. It's "sleepwalking to oblivion," says Michael Woodford, former Olympus CEO turned whistleblower. And according ...

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NOV 28, 2012 Podcast

The Digital Revolution and the Role of Newspapers in Civic Life

Newspapers have long straddled an awkward line between public service and profit. Now those values are in conflict. The internet has upended the industry and ...

NOV 15, 2012 Podcast

B Corps: Companies With a Social Mission in Their DNA

There used to only be two types of businesses--non-profits and for-profits. Benefit corporations, or B Corps, are now finding a way to do both. B ...

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NOV 2, 2012 Podcast

What Is American?

What does it mean for a product to be American? Or to be from anywhere? The truth is, many items today are global products, from ...

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OCT 2, 2012 Podcast

The Ethics of "Acqui-hires"

The practice of "acqui-hiring," a larger company buying a smaller one solely to poach its talent, is becoming more common. Is this ethical? Does it ...