Carter Vance

Carleton University


Carter Vance is an MA Candidate at Carleton University's Institute of Political Economy. He has worked in the offices of several members of Canada's Parliament and as a policy analyst for governmental and non-profit organizations in Canada and the United Kingdom. His writing has appeared in such outlets as Jacobin, and Truth-Out.

Featured Work

APR 3, 2018 Article

How to Deal With Xi's China? Engage, but Be Wary

"With the recent moves aimed at consolidating power within the presidency of Xi Jinping, a new era may be beginning in terms of how China ...

President Trump with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, March 2017. CREDIT: <a href="">The White House</a> (Public Domain)

NOV 28, 2017 Article

Don't Be Fooled by Cosmetic Changes: The West-Saudi Alliance Is More Morally Dubious Than Ever

"Aside from inertia and vague promises of support in fighting terrorist groups, there is little to justify the continuation of the close relationship between self-professed ...

Via <a href="">Pixabay</a>. Public domain.

FEB 24, 2017 Article

Nationalisms: Constructive and Destructive

The goal of peace in the 21st century is likely to be advanced far less by grand projects aimed at nationalism's demise and more at ...