Anthony F. Lang, Jr.

University of St Andrews; "Ethics & International Affairs" Editorial Board Member

Anthony F. Lang, Jr., is director of the Centre for Global Constitutionalism and senior lecturer in the School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews. His research focuses on international political theory, specifically humanitarian intervention, political responsibility, the just war tradition, punishment, and international rules. Lang is the author of Agency and Ethics: The Politics of Military Intervention (2002) and Punishment, Justice, and International Relations: Ethics and Order after the Cold War (2008), and has edited or coedited several other volumes. His current work focuses on global constitutionalism, the role of judges in the Middle East, and the ethics of military force.

Featured Work

OCT 3, 2023 Video

Making Global Ethics More Global

Ahead of Global Ethics Day, scholars discuss barriers to knowledge production in the academic world and how to welcome Global South voices.

MAR 23, 2022 Podcast

Tech, AI, & Global Norms

How do tech, AI, and global norms intersect to generate political, legal, and ethical dilemmas? In this event, Carnegie New Leader Josephine Jackson leads a ...

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AUG 30, 2013 Article

Syria: The Case for Punitive Intervention

"If framed in terms of punishment for a wrong committed, and if undertaken in a way that respects the rule of law at the global ...

Egyptian Flag, Jan 30 2011, Tahiri Square <br><a href="" target=_blank">darkroom productions</a>

FEB 3, 2011 Article

Egypt: Liberalism and Intervention

The next time we claim that some peoples, traditions, religions, or civilizations cannot achieve democracy, rights, or freedom unless we help them, we might want ...

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JUL 30, 2009 Article

Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016): Innovations: Good Ideas Are From Anywhere

The recent confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor touched upon a central issue of the international legal and moral order: natural law and ...

SEP 5, 2007 Podcast

Can Rules Make Us Safer? International Security and the Dilemma of Rules

Anthony F. Lang, Jr. explores what rules can and cannot do in the war on terrorism, pointing toward a possible world order that emphasizes constitutionalism ...

Constitutions reflect the role of political <br>power because they provide a balance <br>between competing interests, writes Lang.

JUL 16, 2007 Article

Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016): Commentary: Rules for Globalization's Unruliness

Globalization provides a unique opportunity to rethink the rules of the international system. One way to combine the need for rules with the need for ...

AUG 7, 2006 Article

Democracy Cannot be Imposed by Force

While democratic states tend to protect their own citizens and tend to be more peaceful, does it follow that democratic systems ought to be imposed ...

NOV 9, 2004 Article

Aristotle on Democracy

An abridged and edited excerpt from "Political Theory and International Affairs: Hans J. Morgenthau on Aristotle's 'The Politics,'"(Greenwood Praeger, 2004). Edited by former Carnegie ...

SEP 3, 2003 Podcast

Teaching Environmental Values

How do you incorporate the environment into a curriculum on ethics and international affairs?