Amrita Gupta

Former Carnegie Council ""Policy Innovations"" Journalism Fellow

Amrita Gupta was a Policy Innovations journalism fellow at Carnegie Council from 2015-16.

She is a journalist from India who has worked at Time Out Bangalore, Mint Lounge, and the BBC's Good Food India. Her writing has appeared in Food Tank, Roads & Kingdoms, Lucky Peach, and Edible Brooklyn. She is currently a graduate student in the food studies program at New York University.

Gupta is interested in exploring the impact of globalization on agriculture, food security in developing countries, and international food policy.

Featured Work

CREDIT: <a href="">Eric Baker</a> (,a href="">CC</a>)

AUG 12, 2016 Article

Hold the Salmon, How About Scup? For Sustainable Seafood, Variety is Key

Atlantic salmon and blue fin tuna have been overfished nearly to extinction and farmed fish come with concerns such as the overuse of antibiotics. Yet ...

Rajasthan, India. CREDIT: <a href="" target="_blank">Shutterstock</a>.

APR 28, 2016 Article

Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016): Innovations: "The Third World War Will be About Water"

Rajendra Singh, known as the "water man of India," believes that critically depleted aquifers around the world can be revived with community effort.

MAR 16, 2016 Article

Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016): Commentary: "Streetfight" by Janette Sadik-Khan

In "Streetfight" Sadik-Khan breaks down her achievements into replicable ideas for urban planners and traffic engineers everywhere, and she also reminds us that the fight ...

Poor and homeless on the Central Market in Krakow, Poland. CREDIT: <a href="" target="_blank">Shutterstock </a>

JAN 4, 2016 Article

Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016): Commentary: "World Hunger: Ten Myths" by Frances Moore Lappé and Joseph Collins

Chapter by chapter, Frances Moore Lappé and her co-authors demolish the myths that have long prevented us from addressing hunger, and examine the policies that ...