Amartya Sen

Harvard University


Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen is Lamont University Professor and professor of economics and philosophy at Harvard University and was until recently the master of Trinity College, Cambridge. He has served as president of the Econometric Society, the Indian Economic Association, the American Economic Association and the International Economic Association. He was formerly honorary president of OXFAM and is now its honorary Advisor.

Featured Work

The Idea of Justice

OCT 8, 2009 Podcast

The Idea of Justice

The traditional theory of social justice is out of touch with practical realities, says Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen. Instead he proposes a theory of comparative ...

APR 26, 2006 Podcast

Identity and Violence

Conflict and violence are sustained by the illusion of a unique identity, overlooking the need for reason and choice in deciding on bonds of class, ...

Amartya Sen, Morgenthau Memorial Lecture, 1997

MAY 25, 1997 Article

Morgenthau Lectures (1981–2006): Human Rights and Asian Values

Human rights are neither a uniquely Western phenomenon nor a hindrance to economic development, the charges usually leveled against those who seek to implement human ...

MAR 4, 1996 Article

Human Rights Dialogue (1994–2005): Series 1, Number 4 (Spring 1996): Three Years After the Bangkok Declaration: Articles: Thinking About Human Rights and Asian Values

To see the conflict over human rights as a battle between Western liberalism and Asian reluctance distracts attention from the central issues: In the battle ...