Workshops for Ethics in Business (2007-2012)


Workshops for Ethics in Business provides an interdisciplinary forum for business leaders, policymakers, nonprofit representatives, and academics to explore the ethical dilemmas confronting the business community.

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SEP 11, 2012 Podcast

The Power of Safety: How Safe Habits Triggered Responsibility at Alcoa

Business ethics professor and former Alcoa VP Bill O'Rourke shows how making safety a top priority transformed Alcoa across the board, in every aspect of ...

JUN 29, 2012 Podcast

Beyond the Checkbook: New Models for Corporate Philanthropy

This workshop features representatives from Citi Foundation, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Liquidnet for Good, and the UN Population Fund. Together with businesspeople and Carnegie New Leaders, ...

APR 4, 2012 Podcast

The "How" of Business Ethics in the Financial Sector

With his public resignation letter, Goldman Sachs executive Greg Smith lamented "the decline in the firm's moral fiber." How can financial managers strengthen the ethical ...

MAR 8, 2012 Podcast

Responsible Oversight: How Boards Can Promote Profitable and Ethical Organizations

In this in-depth discussion, participants examine two case-studies, one for-profit and one non-profit organization: Kimberly-Clark (parent company of Kleenex and Huggies, among other brands), and ...

DEC 15, 2011 Podcast

Disruptive Management: Fostering Transparency, Dialogue, and Innovation in Today's Business Climate

Technological innovation and the spread of social media have created a bevy of new considerations for companies, such as learning how to engage in meaningful ...

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OCT 24, 2011 Podcast

Entering India: Creating an Ethical Multicultural Business

In this interactive, case-based workshop, CEO Ashok Vasudevan shares how he bought a failing company and turned it into an ethical, innovative, and highly successful ...

SEP 27, 2011 Podcast

Yahoo! and YouTube: Balancing Human Rights and Business

How do companies such as Yahoo! and YouTube decide on whether disturbing material should be banned from their sites? What are the free speech and ...

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JUN 17, 2011 Podcast

Confronting Corruption and Ethics in Emerging Markets

Is it possible to grow a company to $1 billion in revenue in Russia without giving a single bribe? In this interactive workshop with high-level professionals, ...

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MAY 27, 2011 Podcast

Rise of the Rest IV: Critical Regions in Crisis

Optimistic and bleak by turns, a panel of experts analyzes the dilemmas facing the rising and existing powers--from protests across the Middle East, to the ...

JAN 28, 2011 Podcast

Top Risks and Ethical Decisions 2011

In this lively discussion, economist Daniel Altman, political scientist/risk expert Ian Bremmer, and economic and political analyst Zachary Karabell present what each sees as ...