2015 Uehiro-Carnegie-Oxford Conference on Global Warming: Environmental Ethics and Its Practice


Resources on this page are drawn from the Uehiro-Carnegie-Oxford Conference, "Global Warming: Environmental Ethics and Its Practice", which took place at Carnegie Council in New York in October 2015, with an international group of participants.

Bear Mountain Bridge on the Hudson River in New York. CREDT: <a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-39726694/stock-photo-bear-mountain-bridge-on-hudson-river-with-autumn-leaves.html">Shutterstock</a>

NOV 4, 2015 Podcast

Riverkeeper, Defending New York's Hudson River

Riverkeeper fights to protect the Hudson and the drinking water for nine million New Yorkers. Paul Gallay relates three of its success stories, offering lessons ...

OCT 29, 2015 Podcast

Population Ethics in the Time of Global Warming

One of the most important insights to emerge slowly over the past hundred years is that the actions of the current generation could have profound ...

OCT 28, 2015 Podcast

How to Live in the Anthropocene

In 1997 a distinguished group of scientists published an influential article in which they concluded that "it is clear that we live on a human-dominated planet." ...