Global Ethics Network (program ended in 2016)


Part of the Council's Centennial programs, Global Ethics Network provides a platform for educational institutions and individuals around the world to create and share interactive multimedia resources that explore the ethical dimensions of international affairs.

Devin Stewart (on left) and Michael Ignatieff (center) with student leaders and activists at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

APR 21, 2016 Article

In Search of a Global Ethic

Research in 25 cities in eight countries on five continents shows that norms across cultures may not be so different after all.

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JAN 28, 2016 Article

Human Rights in Asia and the West

The geographical, national, or ethnic East-West division in human rights thinking is increasingly irrelevant. Instead, multiple layers of horizontal solidarity have been formed through global ...

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JAN 28, 2016 Article

Values and the Ethics of International Order

At a time when U.S. primacy is in doubt, when many are concerned that China might become a global political power, when the threat ...

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Singapore. CREDIT: <a href="" target="_blank">Khairul Nizam</a>

JAN 26, 2016 Article

The "Singapore School" of Asian Values: Down But Not Out?

When the Asian financial crisis of 1997 blunted the so-called "Asian Economic Miracle," critics--many Westerners, but also Asians tired of the tendentious claims of their cultural ...

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JAN 22, 2016 Article

Competing Moral Claims over the Nuclear Power-Weapons Crossover

"Although the military–industry complex remains resilient, the only ultimate solution to nuclear danger and the best disaster prevention is a nuclear-free world in both ...

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JAN 22, 2016 Article

The Reduction of Mass Atrocity Crimes in Southeast Asia, the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), and the Individual Responsibility to Protect (IR2P)

For a variety of reasons, Southeast Asia has experienced a significant reduction in mass atrocity crimes in the last 30 years. Frank suggests that R2P ...

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JAN 21, 2016 Article

The Concept of Humane Democracy and a New Global Order

"Differing from liberal democracy whose political goal is rather negatively conceived in a sense of protecting individual rights, the concept of humane democracy is envisioned ...

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JAN 21, 2016 Article

Rethinking U.S. Strategy Towards China

"To improve U.S. policy towards China to avoid, and yet be prepared for, conflict requires going beyond simplistic applications of international relations theory. It ...

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JAN 21, 2016 Article

Asia in the 21st Century: Strategic Realignments amidst a Changing Balance of Power

Despite some setbacks, to the extent that quantifiable indices of power matter, and the historical evidence shows that they do, America's international position bids fair ...

NOV 9, 2015 Podcast

The Confucian Vision for a Good Society

James Hsiung gives a clear and compelling explanation of Confucius' views on harmonious human relations and how societies should be run, discussing how his thought ...