Ethics and Debt Project (2003-2006)


This joint project with The New School (and support from the Ford Foundation) aims to generate debate on the ethical questions of sovereign indebtedness; to identify the relevant principles for the ethical assessment of proposed solutions; and to explore policies and institutional arrangements based on such principles.

The Paris Club at 50

AUG 18, 2006 Article

The Paris Club at 50: Solution to the Debt Problem or Symbol of it?

The Paris Club celebrated its 50th anniversary in July 2006. This is a suitable opportunity for rich creditor governments to acknowledge the deeply rooted ethical shortcomings ...

JAN 16, 2006 Article

Background Papers on Ethics and Debt

Herman's "The Players and the Game of Sovereign Debt" describes arrangements that guide the interactions of actors involved in this issue. Barry's "Ethical Issues Relevant ...

Is the G8 Dealing Justly with Debt?

JUL 7, 2005 Article

Is the G8 Dealing Justly with Debt?

The offer by the G8 to cancel the debts of some of the world's poorest countries is a welcome step forward. Yet, referring to it ...

MAY 29, 2003 Article

Feasible Additional Sources of Finance for Development

The conference considers possibilities of additional sources of finance either for disposition through multilateral agencies or bilateral aid for global priorities, or as additional own ...