Ethics & International Affairs Volume 19.1 (Spring 2005): Book Reviews: Green Giants? Environmental Policies of the United States and the European Union Norman J. Vig and Michael G. Faure eds. [Excerpt]

Mar 30, 2005

Elizabeth R. DeSombre, reviewer

Two of the major players in current international environmental politics are the United States and the European Union. Between them, these two actors account for almost half of the world’s GDP, consume a "disproportionate share" of the world’s resources, and produce nearly 40 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions (p. 2). Understanding the ways in which these two actors approach issues of global environmental importance can presumably help to predict and guide future environmental action; to that end, the authors in this thought-provoking edited volume attempt to explain the similarities and differences in EU and U.S. environmental policy. . . .

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