Ethics & International Affairs Volume 36.2 (Summer 2022)

Aug 2, 2022

The editors of Ethics & International Affairs are pleased to present the Summer 2022 issue of the journal! The highlight of this issue is a roundtable organized by Morten Fibieger Byskov on vulnerable communities, future generations, and political representation in climate policy and practice, featuring contributions by Morten Fibieger Byskov and Keith Hyams; Simon Caney; Stephen M. Gardiner; Colin Hickey; and Marco Grix and Krushil Watene. Additionally, the issue includes a feature article by Gordon Arlen and Carlo Burelli on offshore tax sheltering and realism's ethic of responsibility, and an essay by Eva Hilberg on the terra nullius of intellectual property. The issue also contains a review essay by Theresa Reinold on international organizations and global governance, and book reviews by Mark Rigstad and Melissa Labonte.


The Terra Nullius of Intellectual Property
Eva Hilberg


Morten Fibieger Byskov and Keith Hyams

Global Climate Governance, Short-Termism, and the Vulnerability of Future Generations
Simon Caney

On the Scope of Institutions for Future Generations: Defending an Expansive Global Constitutional Convention That Protects against Squandering Generations
Stephen M. Gardiner

Climate Justice and Informal Representation
Colin Hickey

Who Should Represent Future Generations in Climate Planning?
Morten Fibieger Byskov and Keith Hyams

Communities and Climate Change: Why Practices and Practitioners Matter
Marco Grix and Krushil Watene


Getting Real about Taxes: Offshore Tax Sheltering and Realism’s Ethic of Responsibility
Gordon Arlen and Carlo Burelli


Holding International Organizations Accountable: Toward a Right to Justification in Global Governance?
Theresa Reinold


The Meaning of Terrorism
C. A. J. Coady

Review by Mark Rigstad

Sharing Responsibility: The History and Future of Protection from Atrocities
Luke Glanville

Review by Melissa Labonte

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