Ethics & International Affairs Volume 30.4 (Winter 2016): "Taking Sides in Peacekeeping: Impartiality and the Future of the United Nations" by Emily Paddon Rhoads [Full text]

Dec 15, 2016

Review by Ruben Reike

Taking Sides in Peacekeeping: Impartiality and the Future of the United Nations,
Emily Paddon Rhoads (New York: Oxford University Press, 2016), 248 pp., $65.32 cloth.

The norm of impartiality is pivotal to the United Nations’ activities in the areas of conflict resolution, mediation, peacekeeping, humanitarian action, and adjudication. In recent years, however, the organization’s principled adherence to impartiality has come under scrutiny. In particular, scholars and practitioners have started to question whether a posture of impartiality is appropriate when dealing with situations of genocide and mass atrocities. Given the prominence of this controversy, it is puzzling that systematic analysis of the norm of impartiality continues to be a lacuna in international relations scholarship.

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