Ethics & International Affairs Volume 29.4 (Winter 2015): Table of Contents Volume 29.4 (Winter 2015)

Dec 16, 2015

Ethics & International Affairs is pleased to announce the publication of its winter 2015 issue.


This issue includes essays by Alexander Betts on the global refugee regime and Andrej Zwitter on big data and international affairs; a roundtable on global governance, featuring contributions by Thomas Weiss and Rorden Wilkinson, Craig Murphy, Catherine Weaver, Susan Park, and Roland Paris; a feature by James Pattison on the ethics of arming rebels; and review essays by Michael Garcia Bochenek on children's rights and Deen Chatterjee on democracy in the global age.


The Normative Terrain of the Global Refugee Regime
Alexander Betts
The issues of who, why, and how to protect refugees pose a series of normative challenges that can only be addressed by recognizing the dynamic nature of refugee protection today.

Big Data and International Relations
Andrej Zwitter
Big Data unveils new dimensions of technological change, which political scientists and observers of international affairs are only beginning to comprehend.


Introduction: Drivers and Change in Global Governance
Thomas G. Weiss and Rorden Wilkinson
The purpose of this roundtable is to continue to push outward the boundaries of what we understand as "global governance."

Change and Continuity in Global Governance
Thomas G. Weiss and Rorden Wilkinson
Scholars must frame bigger questions about the history and future of global governance, and prescribe course corrections and formulate strategies for a more stable and just world order.

Global Governance and Power Politics: Back to Basics
Roland Paris
The fundamental challenge of global governance today is not a shortage of cooperative mechanisms but the rapid shift in power away from the United States and the West.

The Rise of China: Continuity or Change in the Global Governance of Development
Catherine Weaver
Exercising its vast material power, China is rapidly becoming a top lender in the bilateral field, and it is asserting its alternative ideas on aid funding and development cooperation.

Governing the Environment: Three Motivating Factors
Susan Park
What motivates agents to change global governance arrangements? A look at governance of the environment provides answers.

Voluntary Standard Setting: Drivers and Consequences
Craig N. Murphy
The voluntary consensus standard-setting system is a part of global governance most of us encounter frequently, but rarely notice. What are the drivers and consequences of changes in that system?


The Ethics of Arming Rebels
James Pattison
Arming rebels is generally impermissible and only exceptionally morally permissible—even when rebels are engaged in unjust wars.


Children's Rights as Human Rights
Michael Garcia Bochenek
Fundamental state failures—to recognize and act in children's best interest; to afford them the right to be heard; and to respect, protect, and fulfill their other rights—threaten children worldwide. Two new books address these failures.

Justice for All: The Promise of Democracy in the Global Age
Deen Chatterjee
For Carol Gould, to make democracy fulfill its potential, it has to be transformed from its static and formal state to a more engaged, participatory, and interactive mode of governance.

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