Foreign Policy

Framing ethical perspectives

As countries grapple with global issues, such as climate change and the impact of emerging technology, the way that nations interact has never been more consequential. Our experts, programming, and Impact Initiatives, such as U.S. Global Engagement and its Doorstep podcast, work to analyze the foreign policy of the United States and other nations with an aim to explore shared values, produce agenda-setting resources, and connect these complex and important issues to the “doorstep” concerns of the public.

Foreign Policy Resources

International affairs, global governance, and more

APR 20, 2022 Podcast

The Doorstep: Defining the Role of the U.S. on the Global Stage

Global war, inflation, and a COVID-19 resurgence—the Biden/Harris team has been put on defense for first two quarters of 2022. This week, "Doorstep" co-hosts ...

MAR 23, 2022 Podcast

Tech, AI, & Global Norms

How do tech, AI, and global norms intersect to generate political, legal, and ethical dilemmas? In this event, Carnegie New Leader Josephine Jackson leads a ...