• Most Popular Carnegie Council Resources, 2018
    Carnegie Council presents its most popular resources created in 2018. Topics include solutions to inequality, Russian influence in France, democracy in danger, the situation in Burma/Myanmar, artificial intelligence, and much more.
    12/18/18NewsPress Releases
  • Maintaining Power by Breaking up Society: Eritrea Under Isaias Afwerki
    Isaias Afwerki has been president of Eritrea since 1993. How has he stayed in power so long, although he is highly unpopular across Eritrea, even in his home region? "Instead of rallying public support, Isaias employs coercion, imprisonment, torture, intimidation, and killing to secure obedience, while simultaneously pursuing divide-and-rule strategies," writes Bahlbi Malk.
  • Top Carnegie Council Resources, 2017
    2017 will be remembered for upheavals across the board and Carnegie Council's audience picks reflect this. Our most popular podcasts and web resources this year focused on shifts in the established geopolitical order; migrants and refugees; and the disruptions brought about by new technologies.
    12/13/17NewsPress Releases
  • No Place for Eritreans
    Eritreans are fleeing their repressive homeland at the rate of 5,000 a month. Yet once they manage to leave, new dangers await these hapless refugees, from extortion to violence and death. How can the world turn its back?
  • Eritrea: An Exiled Nation Suspended in Liminal Space through Social Media
    Exiled Eritreans use social media to organize opposition against the tyrannical regime back home and to provide crucial information for the thousands of young migrants fleeing the country. They remain in limbo--a liminal space between the familiar and the unknown.
  • Instagram Take-Over #5: Rob Pinney, "The Jungle" Migrant Camp, Calais
    For its fifth Instagram take-over by photographers from around the world, Carnegie Council presents photos by Rob Pinney. For the past six months he has focused on the unfolding crisis in "The Jungle"—the migrant encampment outside Calais, France, which has become a temporary dwelling spot for migrants waiting to enter other parts of Europe.
    04/04/16NewsPress Releases
  • Rising Fences: Migrants, Borders, and a New Frontier for Ethics
    "What will 2015 be remembered for? The image that comes to mind is 'rising fences.' If we took a satellite photo of the planet, that would be the story; fences going up everywhere. The wars and political chaos of the past year created a massive wave of truly desperate people. The wave is global in scale. Europe has borne the brunt. But the United States, Canada, Australia and many other nations are not immune."Publications