Media Mentions

MAY 20, 2021 News

Great Inflation Expectations Won’t Save the Fed

Central banking has become a game of expectations. In Japan, households’ inflation expectations tend to be highly correlated with the price changes they’re witnessing ...

MAY 20, 2021 News

Can the Reykjavik Meeting Really Improve U.S.-Russia Ties?

Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev draws parallels to previous meetings between the United States & Russia ahead of the May 2021 Biden and Putin meeting in Reykjavik. Are ...

MAY 17, 2021 News

Ethical Challenges in U.S. Foreign Policy

In this episode of the "Practical Ethics" podcast, Dr. David Perry, director of the Practical Ethics Institute, discusses some of the most pressing ethical challenges ...

MAY 7, 2021 News

The Present And Future Of Surveillance

In this episode of WORT Radio's "A Public Affair," Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Arthur Holland Michel expands on his "Wired" article about data fusion and ...

APR 29, 2021 News

Legacy of the Treaty of Versailles

This segment from Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "Big Ideas" series highlights a 2019 Carnegie Council event on "100 Years After Versailles", with Erez Manela, Sean McMeekin, Seiji Shirane, ...

APR 28, 2021 News

Half of financial institutions fail to conduct climate analysis, CDP says

In this article from the "Financial Times", former senior fellow Richard Katz is quoted on Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's commitment to reduce the country's ...

APR 22, 2021 News

Police use of drones is setting the stage for private sector deployments

Law enforcement agencies are often enthusiastic first adopters of drone technology. In this article for "Tech Monitor", senior fellow Arthur Holland Michel is quoted on ...

APR 21, 2021 News

Japan’s Looming Climate Showdown

Japan has pledged to “fundamentally shift” policy on coal-powered electricity, initiate a study on the feasibility of carbon pricing, and phase out gasoline-fueled vehicles by 2035. ...

APR 14, 2021 News

Global Translations: Joe Biden's Modi operandi

U.S. Global Engagement Senior Fellows Nikolas Gvosdev and Tatiana Serafin have their "Doorstep" interview with "The Washington Post"'s Christian Davenport promoted in the ...

MAR 29, 2021 News

Does America Still Need to Worry So Much About Europe?

In this article for "The National Interest" U.S. Global Engagement Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev assesses the current state of the transatlantic relationship. He argues ...

Press Releases

One of the Global Ethics Day downloadable posters available on <a href=""></a>.

AUG 22, 2018 News

Join Carnegie Council & Organizations around the World: Celebrate Global Ethics Day, October 17, 2018

Global Ethics Day, October 17, 2018, is an opportunity for institutions to hold events on or around this day to explore the essential role of ethics, globally ...

Word cloud via <a href="">Pixabay</a> (<a href="">CC</a>)

AUG 13, 2018 News

International Student Essay Contest, 2018: Is it Important to Live in a Democracy?

This annual essay contest is open to students of all nationalities anywhere in the world. This year's topic: "Is it Important to Live in a ...

AUG 8, 2018 News

Carnegie Council Announces "Information Warfare" Podcast Interview Series

With the growing power of surveillance technology and digital media, political influence operations have become an attractive tool of statecraft for great powers. These weapons ...

Russian Orthodox cathedral and Cultural Center in Paris. CREDIT: <a href="">Ninara</a> (<a href="">CC</a>)

JUL 24, 2018 News

Carnegie Council Presents Materials in French and English from Year-Long Research Project, "Russian Soft Power in France"

This year-long project explored Russian influence in French political parties and civil society institutions today. The research includes historical background on relations between France and ...

JUL 18, 2018 News

Carnegie Council Launches New Global Ethics Weekly Podcast on International Affairs

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs announces the launch of Global Ethics Weekly, a podcast series that connects current events to Carnegie Council resources ...

JUN 8, 2018 News

Just Out: "Ethics & International Affairs" Summer 2018 Issue

This issue features Lea Ypi on the importance of social class in debates about migration; Jennifer L. Tobin on international investment agreements and "regulatory chill'"; ...

MAY 22, 2018 News

Carnegie Council Launches for Fifth Global Ethics Day, October 17

To celebrate the fifth Global Ethics Day on October 17, 2018, Carnegie Council has launched a new website especially for this annual event: Global Ethics ...

Robert J. Myers

MAY 21, 2018 News

Carnegie Council Announces Robert J. Myers Fund Recipients for 2018

The Fund supports and promotes activities of the Carnegie Council network that embody Mr. Myers' vision of effective ethical inquiry rooted in local experiences and ...

MAY 17, 2018 News

Carnegie Council Congratulates Michael Ignatieff on Winning Eighth Annual Zócalo Book Prize for "The Ordinary Virtues"

Michael Ignatieff's latest book, "The Ordinary Virtues: Moral Order in a Divided World," which grew out of his Centennial project for Carnegie Council for Ethics ...

Carnegie Council Student Conference, May 10, 2018. CREDIT: Amanda Ghanooni

MAY 15, 2018 News

Carnegie Council Announces Winners of Annual Student Research Conference, May 2018

This year, the Council received 32 applications from 12 universities around the New York City area and East Coast. Out of the 32 applications, nine projects, including one ...