Carnegie Council Opens Registration for a Special Global Ethics Day Event with Michael Schur, Creator of "The Good Place" and Author of "How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question"

Sep 20, 2022

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs today released its programming lineup for the ninth annual Global Ethics Day on October 19, as well as a new video with more information about the international day of ethical action.

On Global Ethics Day, Carnegie Council calls upon citizens, businesses, professional organizations, schools, governments, and nonprofits from across the world to demonstrate their commitment to #EmpowerEthics as a force for good. Activities may include debates, panels, #GlobalEthicsDay social media campaigns, exhibits, videos, pop-up events, and so much more.

As individuals and organizations around the globe plan their own activities, Carnegie Council announced its marquee events taking place prior to and on Global Ethics Day.

How to Be an Ethical Individual in an Interconnected World (October 19, 11am ET)
Michael Schur, the author of How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question and writer and producer known for acclaimed shows including The Office, Parks and Recreation, and The Good Place, joins Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal for “How to Be an Ethical Individual in an Interconnected World,” a conversation on how ethics can help us navigate both our daily lives and the global challenges we face. This hybrid event will take place in New York City with an accompanying livestream. Each livestream registrant will have the opportunity to win a signed copy of Michael Schur's book by submitting a question for Joel or Michael in the chat during the event. Register for the virtual event here: https://info.carnegiecouncil.o...

Ethics in the Classroom: Empowering the Next Generation (October 4, 11am ET)
Carnegie Council’s journal Ethics & International Affairs will host a livestreamed panel discussing what it’s like to teach ethics to today’s college students and how to demonstrate that ethics is not just an abstract concept but a practical tool that can improve daily lives. Brent J. Steele, the chair of University of Utah’s Political Science Department, will host the panel, and participants will include Michael Blake, professor of philosophy, public policy, and governance, University of Washington; Yuna Han, departmental lecturer in international relations, University of Oxford; and Ş. İlgü Özler, founder and director, SUNY Global Engagement Program and associate professor of political science and international relations, SUNY New Paltz. Register for the virtual event here: https://info.carnegiecouncil.o...

Those interested in participating in Global Ethics Day 2022 should visit Carnegie Council’s website to access resources such as key messages, a social media toolkit, resources on ethics, and suggestions for ways to participate in this year’s event. Organizations are encouraged to share Global Ethics Day plans with Carnegie Council for amplification on social media and in Global Ethics Day events and materials.

For the latest on all things Global Ethics Day, follow Carnegie Council on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook and subscribe to the Carnegie Ethics Newsletter, which will feature additional announcements on special programming and activations from Carnegie Council ahead of October 19.

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