MHz Worldview and Global Ethics Forum
MHz Worldview and Global Ethics Forum

Carnegie Council Launches Weekly TV Program on MHz Worldview (CORRECTION TO BROADCAST TIME, AIRS AT 2PM ET)

Sep 2, 2010

The first 13-week series of Carnegie Council's Global Ethics Forum airs nationally on MHz Worldview in September.

Custom-designed for television, Global Ethics Forum is a half-hour international affairs program debuting on the MHz Worldview Lecture block on Sunday, September 5 at 2 PM ET (note revised time).

How do global leaders make decisions? What moral codes guide them—and how do those codes evolve?

The September 5th program will feature political scientist and journalist Stephen Kinzer on U.S. relations with Iran and Turkey in the first half-hour, followed by historian Niall Ferguson on the financial crash and the symbiotic relationship between China and the U.S. that he has labeled "Chimerica."

MHz channels vary per city. For local listings, please go to MHz Worldview- national independent TV network.

"We are delighted to be airing on MHz's Worldview Channel, which is a perfect fit for Carnegie Council programming," says Carnegie Ethics Studio Director William Vocke. "MHz airs a wide range of views and its mission is international education. The Global Ethics Forum adds an important voice to the MHz mix, which is available in over 30 million homes nationwide."

Launched in 2008, the Council's in-house Carnegie Ethics Studio audio records, videotapes, and edits over 70 events a year, and makes these shows available worldwide, free of charge. In addition to Global Ethics Forum, the Carnegie Ethics Studio produces the following:

Carnegie Ethics Studio productions are made possible in part by generous funding from Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Dillon Fund, the Uehiro Foundation, and by individual donations from Carnegie Council members and supporters.

The Global Ethics Forum reaches nearly 34 million households throughout the U.S. via MHz Worldview broadcast and cable affiliates in:Los Angeles/San Bernardino- KVCR; Chicago, IL- WYCC; San Francisco, CA- KCSM; Philadelphia, PA- MiND TV (WYBE); Washington, DC- WNVC/MHz Networks; Tacoma-Seattle, WA- KBTC; Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown, OH- WNEO/WEAO; Minneapolis, MN- MPS Cable; Miami, FL- WLRN; Denver, CO- KBDI; Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, FL- WCEU; Charlotte, NC- WTVI; Nashville, TN- WNPT; Salt Lake City, UT- UEN (statewide); Grand Rapids/ Kalamazoo/Beaver Creek, MI- WGVU; New Orleans, LA- WLAE; Las Vegas, NV- Vegas PBS; Richmond, VA- WCVE; Flint, MI- WDCQ; Charleston, IL- WEIU; Plattsburgh, NY- Mountain Lake PBS (WCFE); Lansing, MI- LCC TV; Moline, IL (Quad Cities)- WQPT; Warrensburg, MO- KMOS; Topeka, KS- KTWU; Rochester-Austin, MN- KSMQ; Charlottesville, VA- WHTJ; St.Paul, MN- St. Paul Neighborhood Network; Stanford, CA- Stanford University Cable.MHz Worldview also blankets the U.S. satellite footprint on DirecTV and Galaxy 19 satellite on Transponder 27 (channel 949).MHz Networks is an independent, non-commercial television broadcaster delivering international educational and arts programming and providing diverse cultural perspectives for a globally-minded audience.

MHz Worldview, MHz Networks flagship channel, brings programming to globally-minded audiences in the US though affiliates, including cable, satellite and online. Serving the Washington, DC area’s 4.9 million residents with ten local broadcast channels, MHz Networks features programs from around the world on-air in more than 20 different languages.

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