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Carnegie Council Audio Podcast

Did you miss one of our events? Do you live too far away to attend? Are you a professor who wants your class to listen to Nobel laureates speaking on issues of world peace and global social justice? No problem. Audio recordings of the Carnegie Council events are now available through Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and as a podcast in the Apple iTunes Music Store. Both sources are free and include the same selections of our best recent events.

Current Feed:

Global Ethics Forum Preview: Kumi Naidoo on Human Rights and the Impact of Climate Change | 02/16/17 Kumi Naidoo, Randall Pinkston Next time on Global Ethics Forum, former Greenpeace executive Kumi Naidoo discusses his life of activism, from fighting apartheid in South Africa to his focus on the environment. In this excerpt, Naidoo tells journalist Randall Pinkston why he sees the fight against climate change as part of the worldwide struggle for human rights.

Data for the People: How to Make our Post-Privacy Economy Work for You | 02/15/17 Andreas Weigend, Joanne J. Myers "I want people to be empowered by the data they create and not to be stifled by the data they create," says Andreas Weigend, one of the world's top experts on the future of big data, social mobile technologies, and consumer behavior. Learn more about this important issue, which affects us all.

Alexander Görlach on Threats to Liberal Democracy | 02/14/17 Alexander Görlach, Stephanie Sy In this wide-ranging and lively discussion, Alexander Görlach, founder of the debate magazine "The European," tackles the rise of populism and the far right in Europe, Brexit, the results of the U.S. election, the refugee crisis, and more.

A Conversation with Robert Quinn on Scholars at Risk | 02/13/17 Robert Quinn, Stephanie Sy Scholars at Risk provides temporary teaching positions and advisory services to hundreds of threatened scholars around the world. Quinn describes how its caseload has doubled recently, largely because of Syria and Turkey. He also discusses challenges for U.S. colleges, from fake news, to Trump's immigration policies, to free speech on campuses.

The Secret War in Laos and the Role of the CIA | 02/10/17 Joshua Kurlantzick, Devin T. Stewart Josh Kurlantzick, author of a new book on the U.S. secret war in Laos from 1961-73, notes that the war was responsible for greatly increasing the power of the CIA. "Today the CIA, together with Special Forces, has become the tip of the spear in the U.S. war on terror," he continues, and it's very unlikely that it will be "de-fanged" under the new administration.

Global Ethics Forum Preview: Powerplay: The Origins of the American Alliance System in Asia with Victor Cha | 02/10/17 Victor D. Cha Next time on Global Ethics Forum, Georgetown's Victor Cha discusses the complex relationships America has with its East Asian allies. In this excerpt, Cha says that a dangerous environment in post-World War II Asia, in part, led to an American powerplay, rather than a more inclusive institution.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Myanmar Reflects on the Democratic Transition | 02/08/17 Derek Mitchell, Devin T. Stewart What were Myanmar's major challenges during its transition to democracy--and indeed to this day? What was the U.S. role in the transition? What is the situation with the Rohingya minority? How will the Trump administration approach Myanmar, and Southeast Asia in general? For answers, don't miss this discussion with Ambassador Mitchell.

Trump in Asia: Back to the Future? | 02/08/17 Christopher Nelson, Devin T. Stewart In many ways, we're back to the future of reassuring every friend and ally--and adversary--that U.S. constancy is there, says Chris Nelson. In some sense, that's the case for every new administration. But the difference this time is that during the campaign Trump did not present well as far as Asian observers, especially Republicans, were concerned.

Sensible Advice for Trump's Asia Policy | 02/07/17 Patrick M. Cronin, Devin T. Stewart "Hopefully, 'America First' really means peace through strength; it means putting our economy and our economic policy at the forefront of our strategy; it means staying strong but using our force in only the most judicious manner." Asia-Pacific security expert Patrick Cronin analyzes the situation in Asia and offers practical advice for the new administration.

The Populist Explosion: How the Great Recession Transformed American and European Politics | 02/06/17 John B. Judis, Joanne J. Myers How exactly should we define populism?  What led to its current resurgence in Europe and the United States, on both the right and the left?  And in particular, how can we explain the Trump phenomenon? For answers, don't miss this fascinating discussion with author and journalist John Judis.

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