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Carnegie Council Audio Podcast

Did you miss one of our events? Do you live too far away to attend? Are you a professor who wants your class to listen to Nobel laureates speaking on issues of world peace and global social justice? No problem. Audio recordings of the Carnegie Council events are now available through Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and as a podcast in the Apple iTunes Music Store. Both sources are free and include the same selections of our best recent events.

Current Feed:

The Lockerbie Bombing: The Search for Justice | 03/24/17 Kenny MacAskill, Joanne J. Myers In 1988, a bomb detonated on Pan Am 103, killing all on board and devastating the Scottish town of Lockerbie. A Libyan was convicted of the crime. His subsequent release from prison and deportation to Libya caused an international controversy. Kenny MacAskill explains his decision to release him and the complex intrigues involved in this case.

Teaching Ethics at the Coast Guard Academy with Lt. Tony Gregg | 03/23/17 Tony Gregg, Alex Woodson Lt. Tony Gregg is an active-duty officer and instructor of moral and ethical philosophy for the Coast Guard Academy. In this talk, he discusses his path to his current role, how ethics is intertwined with the mission of the Coast Guard, and why his students surprise him.

The Gene Machine: How Genetic Technologies are Changing the Way We Have Kids—and the Kids We Have | 03/23/17 Bonnie Rochman, Joanne J. Myers Scientists already have the ability to edit genes to treat hereditary diseases, and to screen in vitro embyros for such diseases. Where will these evolving technologies lead and what are the ethical issues involved? For example, will "designer babies" increase the already growing divide between rich and poor? How do we regulate this new frontier?

Indonesia's Jihadists, and the Rise of Female Terrorists | 03/22/17 Nava Nuraniyah, Devin T. Stewart Indonesia is sometimes described as "the smiling face of Islam," but the reality is much more complex. Naraniyah explains the shifting landscape of Indonesian Islamic extremist groups, and notes that women are playing an increasingly important role, many of them inspired by images on social media of female ISIS supporters around the world.

Orville Schell on China's Role in the World | 03/21/17 Orville Schell, Stephanie Sy Orville Schell has been reporting on China since 1970. In this wide-ranging and insightful conversation he looks at China and the U.S. exit from TPP; North Korea; the South China Sea; China's values system (or lack of one); human rights; climate change; and more.

Global Ethics Forum Preview: Thank You for Being Late with Thomas L. Friedman | 03/16/17 Thomas L. Friedman Next time on Global Ethics Forum, "New York Times" columnist Thomas L. Friedman discusses his optimism as society and humanity change exponentially. In this excerpt, Friedman details the three accelerations that are radically reshaping the way we live.

Trump and the Intelligence Community: The View from a Former CIA Analyst | 03/13/17 Yael Eisenstat, Alex Woodson Eisenstat spent most of her government career in the background, but Trump's unorthodox CIA address convinced her to add to the public discourse in "a calm and credible way." In this talk, she discusses her powerful "New York Times" editorial, the dangers of an executive/intelligence community rift, and a complicated time for government employees.

Breaking Barriers: The Air Force and the Future of Cyberpower | 03/13/17 Lt. Gen. William Bender The Air Force is heading America's efforts to modernize and secure its digital infrastructure and incorporate cyberspace into every aspect of its operations. Learn more in this talk with Lt. Gen. Bender, the Air Force's chief information officer and the leader of nearly 55,000 cyber operators.

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