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Carnegie Council Audio Podcast

Did you miss one of our events? Do you live too far away to attend? Are you a professor who wants your class to listen to Nobel laureates speaking on issues of world peace and global social justice? No problem. Audio recordings of the Carnegie Council events are now available through Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and as a podcast in the Apple iTunes Music Store. Both sources are free and include the same selections of our best recent events.

Current Feed:

Gender Identity in Japan | 05/03/16 Sonja Pei-Fen Dale, Devin T. Stewart Sonja Pei-fen Dale teaches at Tokyo's Hitotsubashi University, where she specializes in LGBT gender issues and identities in Japan. In this fascinating conversation about gender and minorities in Japan today, she discusses the term "X-gender," how LGBT individuals are perceived, the social ideal of the traditional family, and much more.

The Last Supper: The Plight of Christians in Arab Lands | 05/02/16 Klaus Wivel, James Kirchick There are 7.5 million Christians in the Middle East, who live under constant threat of death and humiliation. Danish journalist Klaus Wivel (not a Christian himself) asks: What is the story on the ground and why are so few journalists covering it? Why aren't we in the West doing more to defend the human rights of this beleaguered minority?

Global Ethics Forum Preview: In Europe's Shadow: Two Cold Wars and a Thirty-Year Journey Through Romania and Beyond | 04/28/16 Robert D. Kaplan On the next Global Ethics Forum, best-selling author Robert Kaplan discusses the challenge of Putin, the EU’s economy, and the future of Europe through the lens of Romania. In this excerpt, Kaplan details Eastern Europe’s changing relationship with NATO and Russia and he relates a conversation with Romania’s former president.

Political and Cultural Challenges to Gender Parity in Japan | 04/28/16 Mari Miura, Devin T. Stewart In the Global Gender Gap Report, Japan usually ranks around 100 out of 140 countries, says Mari Miura, a specialist on gender in Japan. The main reasons are economic--a huge gender pay gap; political--underrepresentation of women in politics; and cultural--traditional gender and family roles. But younger generations are trying to change these paradigms.

Feminism: The New "F-word" in Japan? | 04/26/16 Natsumi Ikoma, Devin T. Stewart Senior Fellow Devin Stewart speaks with Natsumi Ikoma, the Center for Gender Studies director, International Christian University, Japan, about the state of feminism in Japanese art, literature, and society. Ikoma, a Carnegie Council Pacific Fellow, describes how women are portrayed in Japanese theater and how female writers are changing public debate.

Islamism: What It Means for the Middle East and the World | 04/25/16 Tarek Osman, Lisa Anderson Until the mid-19th century, Islam was the sole basis of both political legitimacy and social identity across the Middle East. Islamists--a term that doesn't exist in Arabic--believe Islam should continue to be the region's primary identity. In opposition are nationalists and secularists who view Islamism as a serious threat. What will be the outcome?

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