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Carnegie Council Audio Podcast

Did you miss one of our events? Do you live too far away to attend? Are you a professor who wants your class to listen to Nobel laureates speaking on issues of world peace and global social justice? No problem. Audio recordings of the Carnegie Council events are now available through Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and as a podcast in the Apple iTunes Music Store. Both sources are free and include the same selections of our best recent events.

Current Feed:

Global Ethics Forum Preview: The Pros, Cons, and Ethical Dilemmas of Artificial Intelligence with Wendell Wallach | 12/01/16 Wendell Wallach, Stephanie Sy Next time on Global Ethics Forum, Yale University's Wendell Wallach discusses the ethics of artificial intelligence, touching on workplace automation, self-driving cars, and the future of war. In this excerpt, Wallach tells Stephanie Sy why he and many other experts are worried about lethal autonomous weapons, more commonly known as killer robots.

The Indispensable Role of Trust: A Conversation with Judge William Webster | 11/29/16 William Webster Don't miss this candid conversation with Judge Webster, current chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, and former director of both the CIA and the FBI, the only person to hold both these positions. He discusses James Comey's handling of Hillary Clinton's emails, covert operations such as Abscam, and much more.

A Conversation on Climate Change & Forced Displacement with David Sussman | 11/18/16
Conflict and war are often talked about as main drivers of forced displacement, but researcher David Sussman also points to climate change and consumerism as major factors. How is this playing out in Latin America and the Pacific islands? And, in regards to these issues, what can we expect from the Trump administration?

Global Ethics Forum Preview: A Conversation with Krista Tippett on Becoming Wise | 11/17/16 Krista Tippett, Stephanie Sy Next time on Global Ethics Forum, Krista Tippett, host of radio program "On Being," talks religion, politics, and how to build a more hopeful future. In this excerpt, Tippett and Stephanie Sy discusses the importance of channeling passion and conviction into meaningful dialogue in today's polarized world.

Perceptions of Muslims and Islam in the U.S. in Light of Trump's Victory | 11/14/16 Juan Cole, Shibley Telhami What will Trump's victory mean for American Muslims? How have attitudes towards them changed over the years? (The answer may surprise you.) How does this moment compare to the "Red Scare" of WWI and after? And how can U.S. Muslims counter any hate that may arise? Don't miss this enlightening discussion.

Global Ethics Forum Preview: The Needs of Refugee Women and Children in the Global Humanitarian Crisis with Sarah Costa | 11/10/16 Sarah Costa Next time on Global Ethics Forum, Women’s Refugee Commission executive director Sarah Costa, describes the tragedy of the migrant crisis. In this excerpt, Costa shares some shocking numbers about refugees, with a special focus on the hardships of women and children.

What is Populism? | 11/07/16 Jan-Werner Müller, Joanne J. Myers There's a wave of populist leaders around the world right now, from Erdogan to Trump. What defines a populist exactly, and why are they so dangerous? Learn more in this most timely interview.

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