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Distance Learning Resources from Carnegie Council

Mar 18, 2020

As the reality of distance learning sets in this week, Carnegie Council is highlighting its education section, a free resource for teachers and students, curated by New York City high school teachers.

This section features high school-level worksheets and supplemental materials geared toward a variety of subjects, including U.S. and global history, U.S. and comparative government, democracy, and environmental leadership. They make for great distance learning assignments for teachers or enrichment activities for students trying to prepare for upcoming exams. All worksheets and excerpts are in .doc form for easy teacher modifications.

These materials build off Carnegie Council's decades-long archive of public lectures, interviews, and articles from world-renowned scholars, authors, and international affairs practitioners.

The most recent additions to the education section are worksheets and activities connected to essays from The New York Times' "1919: The Year of the Crack Up" series and historian Ted Widmer's accompanying podcast. This is a special podcast series about the events of 1919, a year that in many ways shaped the 20th century and the modern world.

Please find much more below and, most importantly, stay safe and healthy.

History and Government A wide selection of worksheets and excerpts for U.S. history, U.S. government, world history, and comparative government courses. Topics include, but are not exclusive to, World War I, the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, Chinese and Russian history, and modern governance in Iran.

1919: The Year of the Crack-UpHigh school-level readings and worksheets to accompany the Carnegie Council podcast series 1919: The Year of the Crack-Up. Topics include colonialism and nationalism, international conflict, diplomacy, and global governance. The activities are matched to U.S. and world history curricula.

Thinking Democratically Lessons, activities, worksheets, and more meant to stimulate student thought about what it means to be part of a democracy.

Moral Leadership and the EnvironmentClassroom activities, worksheets, and a PowerPoint on moral leadership and the environment. Who is responsible for protecting our Earth?

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