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Russia Bulletin (2012)

Archived Publications is a collection of Carnegie Council lectures, monographs, magazines, newsletters, and research, going back to 1958.

Carnegie Council provides an open forum for discussion. Views expressed are not necessarily those of Carnegie Council.


Russia Bulletin, Issue 7 | 06/04/2012 David C. Speedie Putin is the man that many love to hate, and just three weeks into his new term, critics have heaped scorn on his ambitious economic goals. "Flouting the laws of nature and economic development" was one assessment.  Can't they wait a year or so before passing judgment?

Russia Bulletin, Issue 6 | 05/11/2012 David C. Speedie As expected, Vladimir Putin's re-election to the presidency has resulted in a torrent of criticism from all sides. Yet David Speedie argues that for many reasons, Putin deserves the benefit of the doubt and a respite from ad hominem attacks.

Russia Bulletin, Issue 5 | 03/29/2012 David C. Speedie Jackson-Vanik, enacted during the Cold War by the U.S. to restrict trade with the Soviet Union, remains on the books almost 40 years later. Will the U.S. and Russia be full-fledged trading partners any time soon? David Speedie looks into this issue.

Russia Bulletin, Issue 4 | 03/09/2012 David C. Speedie What's the real deal on the elections? What of Kremlin attacks on election monitors and protestors? How will the United States and the West best deal with Russia under Putin II? Read David Speedie's responses to these questions and more.

Russia Bulletin, Issue 3 | 02/22/2012 David C. Speedie What lies behind Russia's veto and its opposition to the U.S.-led hard line on Damascus? Whether or not we agree with them, Russia has its reasons.

Russia Bulletin, Issue 2 | 02/03/2012 David C. Speedie David Speedie examines Russia's position on Iran; the upcoming Russian elections, including the Moscow demonstrations and the West's attitude towards them;and Jackson-Vanik and U.S.-Russia trade.

Russia Bulletin, Issue 1 | 01/19/2012 David C. Speedie In this inaugural issue of the Russia Bulletin, David Speedie considers U.S.-Russia relations, missile defense, and the parliamentary elections and ensuing Moscow demonstrations.

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